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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So You Suddenly Want to Help With Our Kids

So you call because you suddenly want to help with our kids... that's great... can you take Eliza to the doctor after making the appointment today? Oh, you can't,doesn't fit into your schedule. Can you take her to counseling this after noon and maybe actually stay for the session and pay for half of it since that what you agreed to do? Oh, you can't, your busy... How about the fact that Tuesday night was suppose to be date night with Eliza, do you think maybe you could do that? Oh no, that doesn't fit in either - gosh. How about picking the kids up for their Wednesday night visitation? Oh that doesn't work for you either. I'm probably going on a trip this summer for a week; think you can take care of the kids? Oh, no, I see, you don't have time and don't want to make arrangements... that's ok I've got it under control...Ok... hmmm how about I do all the above and you pay half of the gas and doctor appointment and half the gas to get here there and Lorenzo there earlier last week, and half the meds? Oh, that is a struggle for you - really... Then sure you can help back off and leave us alone. We are better off without your lack of follow through. We can do this on our own, because we have learned that we can trust each other and we do what we say we can do; whenever we can... and if by chance something has to change we talk to each other about it and change our arrangements... but we are always there for each other in this house no matter what. So go to hell.


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