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Monday, March 29, 2010

Be the Change You Need in Your Life or...

During these past three years my life has changed greatly, but it took guts, it took courage, it took looking in the mirror and at my life and deciding that the road I was going down wasn't the path my life was meant to stand for. I took moving a body that hadn't been moved in a long time, it took giving up addictions and drinking water, it took at times putting myself before everyone else, even my children. I knew if I didn't get myself straightened out what chance did they have - basically none. So although the road was difficult and many times I wanted to quit - but thankfully had a loving sister that kicked my ass when that would happen - I have finally found life, my life again. You see one can face the facts of life and decide to make the changes necessary to be happy and strong and at peace; or one can decide to stay where they are at and accept life as it is... the thing is this... if you choose to stay where you are you automatically give up the right to bitch and complain about where you are - you choose where you are and only you are responsible for where you find yourself in life. Is it easy to blame others - you bet... been down that road too... but I grew up after 39 years and I just hope it doesn't take others in this world 39 years to grow up and enjoy life and find peace within.


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