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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Flow - Opening

Constipation stops up the world with all kinds of shit. There is work shit, non-work shit, kid shit, divorce shit, money shit... and it all gets stuck deep in the bowels of your own living hell, until you end up in the hospital. Then the doctor does x-rays, examinations, tests and more tests and finally comes back and says, "All you need is a good shit." No Kidding, I swear. that is what this writing is about - cleaning out allt he shit and moving on with life. Recovery and celebration... getting the flow re-established so to say.

Gretchen and Terri didn't even know they were drowning in their own bile when they set off for San Diego with their combined 7 kids, an ex-husbands van; which they didn't know had no insurance or current registration; heading for the one hotel room they thought, that maybe, quite possibly, they could afford. That's right two women, 7 kids and one room. Thank the money shit gods for credit cards, or at least back at that time... now we have learned and made sure that credit cards have fallen so far below hell that they will never resurface - lesson learned.

The morning they were loading up the van to get on the road it was noticed that the spare tire had metal thread showing through; of course the ex-husband currently and forevermore known as FF had forgotten to mention that. The ladies of course discussed the pros and cons of leaving the spare tire and taking it with them. In the end they decided that the room was needed for the peanut butter and jelly that they planned to live on for the next 4 days... and besides they had cell phones and road side service - lesson learned - if you don't haveit you will absolutely need it; when you think you will have service - think again.

However the decision was made and they loaded up the kids and headed down the road only a three short hours behind schedule. For the two of them that seemed pretty good... at least they were on their way.

It became quite obvious an hour into the gtrip that the kids needed something to do in order to protect themselves from each other and to keep their mother's for wanting to end their lovely lives. So to protect our sanity we stopped at Wal-Mart and picked up not one; but two DVD players that could be hooked together so there would be no arguing over who could see and who couldn't see and we also picked up several movies. Of course in our brillance we thought this would work perfectly. Of course the kids chose to fight over the movies, as that was the one thing left to fight about; so one of us instantly became the movie freak. Not an easy task by any means - lesson learned -= no solution is as easy as it first appears to be.

We were once again going on our way, a short 6 hours from putting our feet in the sand and salt water of the Pacific Ocean. How hard could this be, we are two grwn women, independent and brave... we did eventually arrive in San Diego, CA but it took slightly longer than the 6 hours we thought.

And so the beginning... peace, G

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