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Friday, March 26, 2010

Looking Your Best

Mom always said growing up that one should look their best even if they are not going anywhere that day. That it is important to do your hair and your makeup everyday even if your only plan that day is a mountain of laundry. I never really understood her thinking - if we were going hiking; we had to make for mom to do her hair and look her best - that was just the way things were.

I knew when I was working that it was always important to look like I had my act together and take care of myself; but now that I'm at home I find that it is even more important to do the little things. Get up and make my bed, shower, get dressed decently (not in house clothes - those are all gone, but not in dress clothes either - just casual and comfortable) then to do my hair and my make up. It really does make one feel better; keeps one from falling into a pit of depression and lifts one spirits... so once again - I have to say "I get it mom" Interesting that it has taken me so many years to actually, finally pay attention.


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