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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Meant to Be

A friend of mine asked me last night if I thought there were things in this world that were simply meant to be... my response absolutely. Now do I know exactly what he was referring to? No, from the conversation I can infer what I was thinking and I'm probably right and I probably think the exact same thing... but this is where life gets tricky... inferences can be wrong. I can hear what I hope to hear because that is what my heart wants to hear because I believe it so deeply within my soul that I want to make it happen. Is it meant to be? My answer would still be absolutely... here is the catch though... fear. We all have fear, fear of rejection, fear of what if one of us feels something and the other one feels something else, fear of what if we both feel the same way - hell, then what? Who knows, then decisions are made, choices are made... life is going to go on if it is meant to be or not - the question then lies in what are either of us going to do about it? That question doesn't only go out to him, but to me as well. I know where my thoughts and imagination (which can be out there sometimes - I can admit that) lead me... right now my hope is that his thoughts and imagination are leading to the same place.


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