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Friday, August 20, 2010

Building Forts

I'm wandering through a new book today. The directions said to pick a number between 1 and 47 as there are that many chapters. I picked chapter 16 which takes an adult (or at least someone over 10) through a trip of fort building. It made me think of all the forts I built when I was young. Some with my big brother that we would share and play board games in, color in, listen to music in and just talk. He was always fun to play with and has always been a hero of mine. Except for when he wasn't then the fort would be plastered with a sign that said "Boys Go Away and Stay Out!)

Then it made me think of present day reality and the huge complicated forts my children make in one of the bed rooms upstairs. It just about drives me totally nuts because of the total chaos that they leave up for a week at a time in the summer. I hear them playing and laughing. Mostly I just let them be... simply because I can't find the intricate way they have created to get into their fun world of escape from reality.

I am sitting here and thinking - geee you know what... maybe I should turn the couches around for a day, get some sheets and blankets and make a fort for all of us. We could watch movies, color, eat junk food and just be plain old silly. For me do nothing that needs doing for the day except sitting in a fort and playing with my kids. What a wonderful escape that would be from the world. I think I'm going to give that a go this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes... but I'm looking forward to the surprise on their face and the fun in the fort.


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