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Friday, August 6, 2010

Working with Bi Polar

This week I was given the amazing opportunity to work with a fabulous and talented group of staff and teachers at Visions Unlimited Academy. I quit working there last year when I was diagnosed because I needed time to get used to the life I now knew I was going to be living. As August came I really, really desired to be back in the classroom working with kids and hoping to change at least one life in some little way this year. Of course the doc said "no way" and the boss said "no way"... and after two days of training teachers I was frustrated to admit they were right. I may be on the road to recovery - but I'm still on the road. I worked the week with the staff and teachers and had a fantastic time, but at a high cost to my wellbeing; and the patience of my children. Now the training is over, and I will be dropping in to coach when these wonderful teachers need some assistence... that I can do and do well... full time - no way. Bi Polar changes your life in more ways then one expects and even when one is feeling well the pain of bi polar is just around the corner and takes just about nothing to kick into place. Painful but so true.


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