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Friday, August 6, 2010

Real Love in a Real World

Most of the wonderful people who know me know how much I love Greg with all my heart. He is a very kind, loving and amazing man. Being in a long distance relationship with anyone would be a challenge, but speaking with him and hearing his voice and being able to laugh with him makes it just a little bit easier. What do I miss about being able to be physically in the same house as Greg? The easy things, the things that so many people take for advantage. The ability to just see him walk across the room, or standing in the kitchen doorway, waxing the car or mowing the lawn... just being with him doing regular life stuff. Watching tv together, having his head in my lap at night when we watch tv together and loving each other.

I'm so lucky to have such an amazing man in my life and I hope that so many of you don't take what I have to work for so hard - easily and discount all the moments you have - when the moments are fewer and farther between perhaps they mean more - but in real life they shouldn't... Love while you get to love, appreciate each other for all the small stuff as well as the other stuff. Love just because we have the ability to love.

Peace and Love,

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