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Friday, September 17, 2010

Everyone Just Settle Down Ranch - Day One

Day 2 – Everyone Just Settle Down Ranch
Ah, Sunday, September 5, 2010. I was hearing a calling from God to be sure to get to church on this day. I tried of course to explain the situation – I had no appropriate clothing, couldn’t find the shampoo and conditioner and let’s not even mention my tooth brush and tooth paste plus my bible. I had many reasons not to go that day including the 30 minute drive it would take to get to the church I was interested in going to… and I couldn’t talk my 13 year old son into going with me all though I tried many times. The service was at 9:00 didn’t make that one… the next one was at 11:00. It is interesting how the Lord works because by 9:30 I had appropriate clothing, along with shampoo and conditioner. So with $10 and a half of a tank of gas I headed off to church – oh yes and my 7 year old son’s bible – because I couldn’t find mine.
I prayed and prayed that I get there on time and actually was only 2 minutes late and the music was just beginning. The people who greeted me were warm and friendly. I felt like I was in a safe place that would nurture not only my soul but also my walk with Jesus as I continued that journey. I was amazed, absolutely amazed by the music coming forth from the stage. I can’t really find the words to describe it except that it was absolutely moving and pulling me into the group. I felt as if I had found a home; a safe haven in the crazy world in which so many of us have to reside.
As Pastor Pat shared the bible with us I found that I felt like he was speaking directly to me. He had a lot of people in that chapel but he and I took a study through passages in the Bible and I finally understood those passages at my level. He didn’t speak down to me like so many Pastors in my past tended to do; and he wasn’t 95 years old. How would I describe him… he was nicely dressed (not in a stiff suit – thank goodness) casual but appropriate for where we were. He taught the passages of the Bible a bit like my vision of an educated Hippy would share. He used real words like cool, awesome… he challenged us to walk up to someone this week and just say, “Hey, Jesus loves me and you know what he loves you too”. Now how cool is that. There were agape boxes around the building where people could leave offerings rather than being put on the spot as the plate was passed – which always embarrassed me… as I seldom have money. I felt it was okay this time to keep my $10 because God knew I needed it.
It was also announced that the Bible Study with Beth Moore was coming up (which I knew from visiting the information center earlier in the week). I desperately wanted to grow with this study and for those of you who are not familiar with Beth Moore I would love to introduce you to her work. I went the information center and explained that I could pay for the study on the 15th but at the moment I could not. The angel behind the desk just told me to fill out an envelope and show up for the class when it started. I don’t know if she paid for me to go or if the chapel figures into the budget that some people just can’t do what they need and want to do because of finances – on the 15th I will be happy to pay not only for myself; but for someone else who wouldn’t be able to go because of finances and not having the belief in the Lord that He will provide if we only ask. I left loved and blessed and with a desire to go back over the passages we had talked about and write how I felt about each passage or what that particular passage made me think about.
I returned to the ranch to find that my boy, remember he is 13, didn’t just sit and chill while I was gone… he had started unpacking and setting up his room, he had figured out the weed whacker (way beyond what I am capable of doing) and chopped tons of grass. He had worked without me telling him to do so, or begging him to do so, or my demanding and yelling for him to do so. He did it because he wanted to do it. As I walked in the first thing he asked was “How was the music?” I almost cried. Again I was so blessed by our Lord. Now he is excited to go with me his next weekend with me.
The two of us worked together for several hours to unpack and unpack and unpack. Then my dad came over with two new shower heads that have the cord thingy and taught Franz how to change that out. It was fun to listen to as Grandpa gave his Grandson directions instead of just doing it himself. It was nice that my son wanted to learn and Grandpa wanted to show him. I love the way that looks and sounds in my own little world.
After Grandpa had said he needed to give us instructions on how to water the plants… he was very specific about the ritual he had developed. We sat outside, the three generations of us watering, waiting and watering again. Then Richard showed up my Eliza and it was so good to see her even though she had her 11 year old, queen of the world attitude with her. She and I spent our first night sharing a room together. This is bound to be an interesting adventure.
Toward evening this day becomes “Nervous/Anxiety break down day”… my boyfriend is a bit upset with me because he doesn’t get the hundred texts he is used to getting… reception in my new area on my cell phone – well, let me just say it is a challenge. I also decide that at 43 for some reason moving becomes more challenging then it was at 23. I think about all the moves I’ve had… Libya – the company came and packed up all our belongings and off we went. Coming home from Libya Dad had to leave all our belongings in the middle of the street so there wasn’t much work on that one either – I consider that our first trip around the world. We moved 3 times in Wisconsin but I was a teenager wrapped up in my own little world so I didn’t do anything to help with that either. I do remember the winter we turned one of the bathrooms into a kitchen so we could remodel the kitchen. I also know I wasn’t very pleasant that winter… take away a teenage girl’s bathroom and then sit back and just watch what happens. Eventually Mom and Dad moved to Yap… I stayed in Wisconsin until after the first summer… when Mom and I; ok I’ll admit it… when Mom sold everything we had, we loaded up the car with a bicycle on the back and the racing canoe on the front and headed to California where we had family. That trip and moving was actually a lot of fun. Even in her 40’s Mom was willing to go down the Colorado River white water rafting for a day. Isn’t interesting the things we remember. I moved around a lot in Los Angeles while I was there… from Mission Hills to North Hollywood. When I finally decided to grow up and finish college… Mom told me to sell my car and buy an airline ticket to Guam. Hmmm that move wasn’t so hard either – heck all I had were my clothes and a ticket. My point is that really in actuality most of moves were fairly easy – this time I was moving myself, my three kids and everything we owned into a fully furnished house and kitchen… so that night I did cry, several times. Thank goodness my loving boyfriend, Greg was kind and caring enough to let me go on and on and on. Sleep came and with it a better attitude in the morning.

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