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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Almost Over

So tomorrow is the last day of summer for the year. Can I possibly say YEAH! loud enough. I am happy the kids will be going back to school; but I will also greatly miss the sound of their laughter, the sound of their poking sticks at each oth er just to drive me crazy... I know that wasn't the reason they were poking sticks at each other; but it was effective. I will miss the late nights snuggling and way too much Disney TV - yes it is driving me crazy. I do wish I had the money to take the kids on a vacation; they deserve it and have earned it... situation money... which they have also graciously accepted and understood - they have taken the idea of no money much better than I have. We did do some things that cost no money... park time, skate time, bike time, playing in the rain until we were filthy. We got a puppy to keep us company and everyone is pitching in to take care of the dog - potty training is a challenge... but we may actually be making progress. Are there times that I am overcome by the children and their stuff - absolutely. Sometimes their "joking" was more then I was willing to tollerate and it has taken me until the next to the last day of summer to decide it is white noise like one hears constantly and needs to be turned out unless loud shrieking is contained - even then it is questionable... the basic guidline I have learned at 43 is if it isn't bleeding, broken or now one is barfing life is probably just fine. They are just kids being kids and they are more then ready for Thursday to get here so they can see their friends. Of course, not so they can learn, but for social reasons... kids will be kids.


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