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Monday, August 16, 2010

Car Insurance Incident

Car Insurance Incident

On the way to San Diego at some point water had spilled onto Gretchen’s cell phone. Being newly divorced she knew her John, her ex (now referred to as JBJ or JMFBJ) depending on the level of assholeness he is currently showing to the world. Upon arriving at the hotel after leaving Death Cove Beach Gretchen knew she needed to provide access to her children for JBJ so off she went in search of a cell phone.

She did find a cell phone shop, probably one she already had a contract with since she doesn’t remember signing any new paper work. But this is when she discovered the van borrowed from FF had no insurance. You see as she was pulling into a parking spot the gentleman in the next car swung his car door wide open so Gretchen hit it with the van. Of course there was no damage to the van – his door still closed though. Looking through the glove box it was discovered that no insurance card existed, or at least it wasn’t in the glove box. I did find an outdated registration. At that point I decided I would be better off with the honey technique then the pissed off mom technique. So I got out of the van full of apologies. Gave the man my driver’s license number and the outdated registration so he could get the address off of that (never mind no one lived there any longer) assured him that the vehicle was registered but I couldn’t find proof of that at the moment. He thank goodness decided that was enough, pulled out more than slightly pissed off as I ran into the phone store to solve my own unique problems.

Upon returning to the hotel I explained to Terri that FF had no insurance on the van. Great! The kids just wanted to go swimming even though they had just survived a brush with death and Death Cove Beach… so off to the swimming pool the nine of us went.

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