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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 3 - Everyone Just Settle Down Ranch

Day 3 – Everybody Just Settle Down Ranch
Now we find ourselves on day 3, September 6, 2010 out on our little piece of dirt. Labor Day – the internet and TV people (yuck on the TV part – but with kids – I’ve decided with limited use it is something I can live with) are suppose to come today… eventually I found out they couldn’t find the house… a price to pay for living in nowhere. Now they have directions and promise they will find me next week – then I will be able to post this little adventure.
The day is spent with Eliza and Franz both working on unpacking along with myself – but we work at a much slower pace… because really what is the hurry the boxes are not going to go anywhere in the next year. We sort boxes, we unpack… the kids take breaks with their Play Station and working outside. The day is fun and enjoyable – no arguing, no bickering, no fighting. Just maybe we will all settle down out here after all. That is part of my plan – learning to live together like a family not like separate people living different lives in the same home. The world has changed so much since the times when I grew up.
We meet Lorenzo, my ex and Bucky, my Doberman who has been residing with my ex until I found a place that would allow his large, uncoordinated body to celebrate itself. On the way home… Imagine one person in the front seat, two in the back with a 100 pound dog. I’m surprised we actually made it home all safe and sound but we did.
Lorenzo was sooooo excited to spend his first night in his very own room; but then decided he needed his mom in order to be able to do it. So we snuggled up close together and he made it through his first night as a big boy in his very own room – which he is very particular about.

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