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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Terri is so Smart

I have always regarded my sister, Terri, as the most brilliant person on earth, besides me of course. She is a problem solver extroidanair and speaks her mind well and clearly... not rambly as I tend to get. It is like she has everything she needs to say all planned out in her head way before she needs to say it. There are times when she doesn't - when it comes to challenges that she faces in her own world, but when it comes to the challenges that I face she always seems to know the right thing to say... yesterday it was that I needed to forgive... I asked forgive who? myself? and she said that is exactly right. Sometimes we are most hard on ourselves and try to hold ourselves to a different standard than others. Sometimes, or so I'm learning, one has to take a deep breath and let things go and ask yourself to forgive all the mistakes you have made, be they real mistakes or perceived mistakes -forgive yourself today so the journey can continue tomorrow.


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