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Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day - thoughts

Memorial Day has always been a special holiday for me; perhaps because everyone in my family except me has served in the armed forces; perhaps because I'm close to families and see the sacrifices they make for our freedom when the "dad" has to go and the "mom" is left to raise the family on her own for years at a time... I appreciate my freedom and the sacrifices of all who have made it so that I can live in freedom.

My favorite memory of Memorial Day however was in Guam. My mom had discovered a "war dog cemetary"... where the dogs from the war had been burried, had tombstones, and a bronze dog statue. Being the animal lover that we both were we bought enough roses that day to put one on each of those dog's graves. I cried, of course, but I always cry... maybe we should have put milk bones down instead after all what the heck would a dog want with a rose? That was a special time for my mom and I. I remember that neither of us said a word the whole time we were there... we read about the dogs, cried... spent probably close to two hours there and never saw a single other person.

I agree human lives are most important, but those soldiers had dogs that did some of the grunt work before the humans went in and I feel it is important to remember them as well - they also lost their lives for our freedom. Soldiers also have families that make huge sacrifices for us every day as they deal with life without their partner and raise their children on their own so the other person can be off protecting what our country stands for.

If you see a soldier today - thank them for all they have given up for you.


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