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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just a Wednesday Morning

Characters: two sisters, stay at home moms, totally tired of laundry and cleaning, as well as looking at the walls of their respective homes. Both usually up for adventure.

Setting: Warm spring day in the spring, one van, one cooler and a 12 pack of beer at Saguaro National Monument

Purpose: Avoid life and take pictures.

It started with a conversation of how borning life was without work. Tired of cleaning and hanging out at the house. How they could possibly watch one more stupid show on tv or do one more work out video. Tired of the current life they decided on an adventure. There were two helpful culprits on this adventure although they may not know the impact they had so let me explain... grandpa had left his cooler, and Greg had been talking about driving around drinking... put those two ideas together with two women wanting to escape the world and one has an adventure, full of fun, laughter, beer, pictures and a few thorns from several cactus and the occassional bad word as rock climbing sober isn't easy - add a few beers and the challenge, well becomes ten fold.

So one mom stops at the store and purchases 2 6 packs of beer and a bag of ice... and is off to pick up her sister... the drive to the national monument isn't far and the drinking begins. They stop in the middle of the road several times to take pictures of "cool" flowers and stuff, just because they can. They stop at picnic places to drink a beer and take more pictures. They stop to climb rocks and take more pictures which lead to several encounters with bushes that had some very small stickers - that required tweezers and showing the desert world parts of our bodies that it really didn't need to see.

Then one of the girls has this crazy idea to take her shirt and bra off, get her picture taken with her phone to forward to her boyfriend... sister more than willing to participate in said scheme.

The complete trip took about 2 hours and was followed up by very greasy food from Carl's Jr... which turned out to be good since the school called as one of the boys was in trouble for running and refusing to do work. Hmmm... autism specialist, FAS specialist + pissed off mom means - Yep you guessed it another road trip. Although probaby still slightly intoxicated they pull themselves together and thank the Lord they decided to eat disgusting food for lunch.

So together they decide to face the school and their idiotic idea of education. The son that is being complained about has FAS and MIMR - and gee he runs away from class, pretends his stomach hurts to escape and refuses to do his work. So I talk with the child - the work is at a fourth grade level he is at a first grade level - he knows he can't do the work... so he leaves. When they do give him math he is so embarrassed to be below his peers that gee... he runs away again, or calls his neighbor a not so nice name - ya think. While being in the classroom it is easy to see that no modifcations have been made for this child. There are no visual reminders on his desk to help him out when he gets stuck. There are no red and green cards available for him to signal that he is getting frustrated. His work, although some of it is brought down to his level (the math I saw) there were still 25 problems on a page - there should not have been more then ten. The staff complained that he ran away even during recess... really I said... has anyone really observed his interaction with his classmates. Most likely they avoid him because they know he is different, which makes him want to escape - hell who wouldn't.

As far as even thinking in the antecedent-behavior-consequence (consequence usually being teacher related) they quickly and easily blame the child for being non-compliant... of course the kid is non-compliant he suffers from Fetal Alcohol Syndrom and has since birth when he was adopted. The end result of all of this is a request by me to have a meeting with the principal since obviously her head is so far up her ass she can't find her way out... I will be professional, I will have an agenda - but there will be some changes and some of the laws being broken, may just need to be brought up to the school board. Don't piss me off when it comes to kids in need - I'll simply have to kick your ass.

So yes the total day was enjoyable, every moment... thanks to a fabulous sister for a very much needed day off from my reality.


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