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Sunday, April 4, 2010

On the Lighter Side of Life

My brother called today - usually I listen to him about his life; but today it was my turn. He asked how I was and I said "Alive." He takes that about as well as the psychiatrits do... people really do need to lighten up just a little bit. So picture this... I'm using my new vaccuum and it quits working - so I do some inspecting and find that the hose is clogged up... I try cleaning it out with the broom handle... doesn't work... I put another stick in so that makes the broom handle longer - should be able to push out the junk in the hose... that doesn't work... all the while talking at my brother; who I am sure called because things in his life are just a little more fucked up than in my life and I usually make him laugh. He suggests flooding the vacuum cleaner hose with water... hmmm how to do that since we can't use hoses here - another stupid rule. So here I am with my cell phone in one hand kind of propped up to my ear, the shower on full blast, flooding the stupid clog out of the hose and it actually works... imagine that. Then my brother informs me that where he lives he can't even buy beer on Easter Sunday because it is a religious holiday and we both end up laughing hysterically - me soaking wet on the bathroom floor with the stupid hose and him throwing his bills away because he can't pay them anyway... what is one suppose to do but laugh. And I know I can't spell the word vacuum/vaccumm/vaccum to save my own life - but does any of it really matter. What matters is the laughter, the stupidness and having a bowl of cereal for Easter Dinner. Life doesn't get much better than that... at least I had milk and didn't have to pour beer on my cereal.


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