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Saturday, January 30, 2010

To the Wrestler had a Crush on in High School

I have never been a huge fan of wrestling so of course I pushed my son into the sports I was most interested in... soccer. Although he does enjoy soccer HIS sport is wrestling so I find myself deep into the world of wrestling. I have never given wrestlers enough respect for the work they put into their sport. When I go watch practice I am amazed at the level of physical fitness that is required... and the level of sportsmanship that is required by the coaches. Of course I don't know if that is everywhere but it is here.

It is so much more than boys rolling around on a mat or at this point in time girls too (which is a whole other topic). The coach and the boys work hard at practice to develop technique that I vaguly remember hearing from my one wrestling class I had to take in pe. My son of course knows them all and doesn't understand when I need him to show me something over and over and then perhaps over again, but he is learning to be patient. I'm learning that my body is more flexible then I ever imagined... except for my back maybe - at least at the moment.

One can always find the wrestling invitational in any town if they know their way around or not... you just need to follow the calls and yells of men and the sounds of whistles and the occassional referres slap on the mat indicating a pin. Today was the third invitational in as many weeks. Getting to school on Saturday morning at 5:45 for weigh in, leaving a 6:00 to travel who knows where... weighing in once getting there and then the eating of breakfast... always after weigh in - interesting thought - I always weigh myself before I eat I'm not stupid either. Followed of course by the mass consumption of food - sometimes referred to as breakfast.

The warming up with the rolling on the mats, the shadow wrestling and then things I can't even comprehend, but they all sweat, they are all working every muscle in their bodies, the running, running, running followed by more pushups and more pushups and this is even before the first match has begun. Eventually the wrestling starts along with the shouting and whistle blowing the sound of mat thumping. Bodies bodies being contorted in ways that God didn't make the body to bend.

I thank the Lord that I don't have to ride home with all those stinky, hormonal, teenage boys - although my son swears the ride home is much quieter than the way there - I would think so since it is often 10 or 11 at night... and we complain at time of putting in an 8 hour day.

Those of you who know nothing of wrestling, and may not choose it for your son - it is so worth it to let them do what they love.

And to the wrestler I had a crush on in high school... perhaps I should have said something.

Peace and Love,

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