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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Speaking with God

I remember the first time I spoke with God. I sort of believed in God and Christ and the whole Christian thing - but then again not really. I was where I suppose a lot of people are half hearted, luke warm christians. Knowing God has changed my life, who I am, and how I parent and treat people in the world - and that first conversation was so simple... It was Valentine's Day last year and I was going to a movie by myself and moaning and groaning about being alone, by the way I hate Valentine's Day - I think we should show love to the world every day. But I digress... I was in a deep pit of self pity when I heard as clear as a bell "Why the fuss? Why the sadness? You are never alone." I actually had to pull over to the side of the road to catch my breath. I had the most peaceful feeling, like everything in life was finally going to be ok. The hard parts were still going to be hard, but I had a friend in Christ who would carry me through those hard moments.

I wish more people in the world, especially in the United States would step up and share their love for Christ. It is almost a "taboo" topic. There is no safe place to bring up the Lord or what one thinks and believes or doesn't. It isn't to be talked about in school, it isn't to be talked about over dinner and Lord forbid you bring it up on a date... and suddenly you are labeled a "Jesus Freak"... well over the last year I have become a "Jesus Freak". I don't care what others think if I stand in the middle of a parking lot and shout "Thank you Jesus I needed your help on that." don't care about the funny looks - I would get them anyway for some other reason.

I want to be one of the brave that goes to the alter at prayer time during church. I want to stand in front of the congregation and lift my hands to heaven while we sing. Everyone is so passive - so politically well behaved in church. What is wrong with letting your spirit free and showing our love of God? We are all so worried about what others think when all that really matters is what God thinks; what God feels? So I ask you my friends be brave this week and stand up for our Lord as Jesus stood up for each of us.

Peace and Love,

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