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Sunday, June 27, 2010

US Soccer

the US produces some fine soccer players, but I think they will never really have a world class team even though they have made it to the quarter finals in the world cup before. You see these other men start playing ball with a rolled up t shirt tied with string almost before they can walk... and they play on a rocky dirt patch, bare foot... soccer is born and bread into their blood. Does that mean US players have less heart? No just means we aren't raised with the attitude of play or die when it comes to soccer as we are in other sports of our country. Most of our players do play in for Eurpean teams throughout the season - but what about playing in our own country. I remember as a child going to professional soccer games with my mom and dad - now I don't even know where to find a professional soccer game in our country. Are the bars filled with spectators arguing about calls made by the ref? Nope? Basically no one truly has the heart to even watch a game and to put a heart in the game. If you go to Mexico, Argintina, England or Germany I guarantee you the bars were full, people were yelling - perhaps even arguing during the game - then sitting down and having a cold beer together for watching a fight well fought despite who wins are loses. It is about the game, the ballet played the tackles made - gthe beauty of the sport... the love of the battle. This country has that in football, perhaps baseball... but soccer - they just don't get it. The love of sport... the love coming from the heart and the battle goes on.

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