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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Libya and Ladybugs

I think it is interesting how memories come back to us that were lost in the mountains of our minds. Just yesterday as I was hanging clothes up outside - which I haven't done in years since we don't do that in AZ... I had a flash back to days in Libya and when we lived in an appartment and would have to walk the steps to the roof to hang the laundry. I never minded the hike up the stairs and being only 11ish probably enjoyed spending the time with mom as I don't remember my brother helping with such chores; although he may have. I never even disliked the hanging up of the clothes... but the taking down was something that frightened me completely to my bones. You see in Libya the ladybugs would cling to the laundry and the laundry clips by the thousands... yes the thousands. I hated when those you could get to fly away flew away because it was like a swarm. Since there were so many at one time on the roof and on the clothes they never all flew away - many stayed. What I hated most was opening and closing the clothes pins... because the squishing sound of the ladybug that had just been sacrificed so that we could have semi-clean sheets. God how I used to be so fearful of that chore. Thank goodness that is over with.


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