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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Road Toward Independence

"Road Toward Independence" that seems to be the new buzz phase in the world of education. My question is "Is anyone really independent?" Does anyone ever really survive on their own. I know that I surely expected to be independent by the time I was 42, but I'm not. I have to rely on my boss to actually pay me and be thankful I have a job. I have to rely on my dad to help support my childen and I since my job was cut and pay was cut by 2/3 and my small family ended up in low income housing. That isn't the way I expected my life to turn out. I'm certainly not independent from my sister since she is my moral support though all of life, nor my brother who is always entertaining in his own way.

So should the goal really be toward independence or toward the understanding that we are all dependent on others to survive in today's world.

Yes, I want my students to be able to read, write and balance their check book; which is more than I can do. I don't even have a check book since I can't seem to keep from bouncing checks. I have decided that instead of a problem it is a gift. Not everyone can admit that they have issues with money. So I live on a cash basis... sometimes it sucks because there isn't enough money. The credit card offers come in the mail and it takes much of my will power and a call to my sister to tear them up and throw them away... just another example of not being independent, but depending on someone to help me through life.

Friends and family are all important... I want my students to be able to support themselves through work and not be being locked up in prison, but the reality is that although we may be able to keep a roof over most of our heads - we all need support.

All we need is love... or so the song says... open your doors and lives to others and let's start loving people like we haven't loved them in years. When I grew up I knew who lived in every house on my block... now I don't even know my neighbors in my appartment building.

My challenge for the week is to introduce myself to one neighbor each day for the next week. Those of you who know me understand how far out of my comfort zone I'm stretching.

So with those words - Peace and Love,

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